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Alley Cat Allies

The Humane Society: Feral Cats

Feral Kittens

Feral Cat Caretakers Coalition - instructions on how to care for and tame feral and rescued kittens.

Feral Cat Coalition - raising orphaned kittens (less than five weeks of age).

Kitty in Their Hands: Bring out the best behaviors in kittens- article with guidance and instructions for raising rescued kittens. Written by Nancy Peterson, Cat Programs Manager, Companion Animals, HSUS. - find or place rescued kittens

Kitten Rescue - guide to raising orphan kittens

Feline Nutrition - excellent information on nutrition and its impact on health

Max's House Animal Rescue, Inc. - another in-depth site

Feline Health

Mar Vista Animal Medical Center - pet care education

Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease - top site for helping cats with CRF (chronic renal failure)

The Merck Veterinary Manual - good reference

Gloria Garland - acupuncture, TCM in Oakhurst, 559-683-4434

Hope Animal Foundation - low cost spay/neuter in Fresno

Handicapped Pets - Products, services and support for special needs pets

Feline Quality of Life Scale for end of life decisions


Catnip Society
Catnip Society

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